Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Had a great day yesterday despite the weather. The in-laws came down to the chalet for a visit we had some lunch and then we all went for a long walk over to Burgh Island, which has nothing on it just a pub and a hotel and a ruined building at the top. There are great views and it's so peaceful. Peggy had her longest walk so far and she was pooped walking back (I think Dianne rather enjoyed walking her on the lead)

Typically when we got back to the chalet the rain stopped and out popped the sun.We waved bye to Dianne and Steve and then Leon took Rodders for a pebble throwing marathon on the beach, that dog can never have enough!!

I settled down for some scrapping with the excuse that Peggy was too tired for any more walking (which she was bless her). Completed another 2 pages that's 6 in total and a record for me my average at home tends to be 1-2 per week!!

Must upload the pics later, still getting used to this laptop and it's not got the easy uploading that I use on the PC at home

More later. . . .

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