Monday, 10 August 2009

Here I am again, time passes and I have done loads but as usual failed to share with blogland

I have been meaning to participate in the twisted sketch challenge each week and finally on week 9 I produced this.

the twist was to add doodling, well I seem to be doodle crazy right now and virtually all of my LO contain some doodles somewhere. Of course this obsession could also to be to do with the fact that my doodle dogs are amongst the best parts of my life.

Couldn't pass without sharing a couple of pics of them

Rodney seems to have found a "burr bush" and this is what happens when he gets a little nosy

And of course Peggy at 7 months couldn't be anything other than cute so a cute one of her
Will be back in the next couple of days to share some of the pages I have done
Toodle pip for now

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