Monday, 26 October 2009

Time of change

I have been very bad in updating my blog recently(smack on hand)
Things have changed round here as my youngest has flown the nest, just me Leon and the dogs now (well apart from this week when we have Josh to stay), at only 17 and her being my baby it has for some strange reason been hard to let go. Maybe it's the same for most mothers when their last child leaves the nest.
I have questioned many times over the past few weeks "have I somehow been a bad mother" It feels like I have almost driven them away?

But there is a big positive for me lol I now get a HUGE craft room!!!
Will be starting things moving prob after Christmas am thinking of the Ikea expidit units and sky tv and a relaxing chair oh and a hundred other things LOL

I have been scrapping but only a little and will upload some pics tomorrow to share

Toodle Pip x

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