Monday, 1 February 2010

Vanilla Sugar Feb 1st reveal

Hanging Hearts
Hanging Heart decoration
All you need are a few scraps of felt, fabric,thread and various embellishments
As I have decided to have a "homemade christmas" this year I opted to go with some felt heart ornaments. I got rather carried away and just couldn't stop making them as they are so easy and you can vary them so much

I cut out of card a couple of heart templates then cut 2 hearts for each of them out of felt. added various embellishments beads, buttons, small pieces of fabric etc and then either blanket or straight stitched around them leaving a small gap for stuffing if you want. Most of them I stuffed but a couple I just left flat. Added ribbon to hang and voila.
These really are so easy to make and you don't just have to stick to a christmas theme
I made these 2 to pop in with a birthday card
I didn't have a set pattern for any but just went with the flow and these are the result. Hope you will come on over to the Vanilla Sugar blog and play along with us this month.
Toodle pip xx

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  1. I adore these little hearts Tracee! Each one is so different & they do make lovely little (or big haha) gifts don't they? Oh my....isn't your blanket stitching nest? XXX


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