Sunday, 2 May 2010

Making bags

This months project at Vanilla Sugar was make or alter a bag. I was getting rid of some clothes that no longer fitted but I had kept them just in case (size 10 Yeah right!!!!) I really liked them and was reluctant to part with them so this got me thinking what I could do with them. My neighbour is into quilting a bit and I have always wanted to give it a try so I went online and found a tutorial for a "rag bag" and after cutting all my squares I was set to go I used the pockets and flaps to add texture and interest to the fronts and sides
This one was made from a 2 pairs of trousers
and not the best pic but I used the sleeve off a blouse to make an inside ruched pocket

The next one I made was from another pair of trousers(brand new with tags on that I bought from a boot sale for 50p, when was I going to wear orange. . !) and a skirt that I bought from the boot sale simply for the fabric. I use this one as my crochet bag currently holding the wool for my granny square blankie

The pocket was simply the pocket on the trousers that I just cut off and restitched to the front of the bag

I also added some side detail to this one using the belt loops(not really much use for anything other than decoration tho lol)
I also made a bag for my grandaughter but I didn't get a pic before I gave it to her I will "borrow" it and take one so you can see the cute shoulder bag
Thanks for Looking
Toodle pip x


  1. Oh Tracee...these are absolutely stunning hon!!! You must be sooo pleased with them XXX


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