Saturday, 26 March 2011

Scrapaholix march

Well it was a funny old day full of ups and downs, still thoroughly enjoyable tho.
I struggled with my LO this time fiddled and farted about with it when I left Kims I thought is looked ok and was finished but inevitably when I got home I changed a few bits and now I quite love it lol
The pics are of my nan & grandad with my Mum and Auntie when they were small girls on the ferry to the isle of Wight!
Thanx to Claire I actually had some letters for a title as I must have been sleeping when I packed my bag cos there were lots of things "missing" lol
Toodle Pip X


  1. OMG Tracee, this is stunning. Love the muted colors they look devine with the black and white photos, which are also beautiful. All the stamping and those adorable banners just completed the layout beautifully. Well done!!!!

  2. It's gorgeous my darlin', the bunting finishes it perfectly. C xxxx


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