Monday, 5 December 2011

AAM challenge is live

{AAM December Challenge}: Your Brand

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first official challenge for the new All About Me scrapbook challenge blog. We have a fun one this month that is all about creating your own brand. What does this mean? Creating your brand is all about finding the things that represent you. Understandably, this challenge might seem a bit confusing and challenging. When I first was introduced to creating this type of layout, I thought it was impossible. My brand? What do you mean my brand? Like my favorite shoe company? Mmmm... not quite.

Hopefully if you are at this blog, you know our focus is on the inside. We're using scrapbooking as a way to creatively journal our lives. So when I talk about Your Brand, I mean finding color, symbolism, imagery and journaling to create a layout that is YOU. Self portrait, a slogan, something that represents YOU is what we are looking for here. Use your favorite colors and products. This should be a layout that you can hang on your wall, look at everyday and say, "Yep... that's me and I'm pretty awesome!" In a way, we are labeling ourselves but in a positive light.

This challenge really took some thinking about, I was looking for pics and I came across these ones of me acting the fool in the garden. The outfit was for our girls weekend away I got the silly pineapple sunglasses at a car boot sale as with the top & the wheelbarrow well that speaks for itself! Oh and just to clarify the wheelbarrow wasn't part of the outfit! don't think it would have fitted in Paula's car lol. This got me to thinking how I love to make people laugh (generally with me and not at me LOL)
I love this colour combo its so bright and fresh and of course it matched the pics! As my logo was the smiley face I wanted a daft bitty type feel to the page and after lots of fiddling I was finally happy with the way it turned out. The slogan reads "If every word I speak makes you laugh, I would talk forever" Sums me up quite well!!
Hope lots of you will play along with this fun challenge, check out the blog for more great inspiration from the CT
Toodle Pip xxx


  1. Love the elements and colours you put together to make it such a fun page to go with those funny photos, great stitching and the way you followed the journalling around it with the stickers. Great job!!!

  2. I love how this turned out Tracee! All the little elements, and that smiley face pin!! Your colors work so well together and those photos are hilarious!! :)

  3. I just love how this turned out, Tracee! It was the perfect choice for your "brand." Loving the smiley face and the Sass monster and the joker cards. The crocheted blooms were a perfect addition and draw your eye right to those adorable pics of you!


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