Tuesday, 6 March 2012

AAM March Challenge

 This was the challenge:

{AAM March Challenge} Our Heritage

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our March challenge.

When I was thinking about challenges for this site, I knew that I wanted to provide enough variety that each of us could draw from. So this month we are going to open up our ancestry files. Where is your family from? Do you have any special traditions? New? Old? Are you the family historian? What surprising details have come up? What about food? Language? Holidays? Religion? The "mother-land"?

Our heritage can definitely be a very broad spectrum when trying to pull something specific to scrap about. The Creative Team did an amazing job showcasing the different aspects of heritage we can begin to document. Maybe this month's challenge will spur you on to create something about a piece of your heritage you would never have thought to record or maybe it will become the first page of many for your "Family History" book.

Whatever happens, we're here cheering you on!

Wow this was a hard task for me, I procrastinated for ages but every time I tried to put something on paper it just wasn't working for me, at one point I just about gave up! Heritage is "not my thing" & unfortunately it isn't a subject that really interests me at all. So I stepped back and looked at the challenge again and suddenly a lighbulb went off lol
Here in my hometown of Bristol (UK) we have a strange dialect & accent that is referred to as "Brizzle or Bristle" so I have created my layout based on that, as I wanted to keep the journaling the main focus I have kept the page very simple with just a few embellishments and a tiny photo. The journaling reads:

You can normally tell us Bristolians apart from others by our dialect and accent. To people outside Bristol, the Bristolian accent can seem very peculiar and is often ridiculed, Often being compared to the accent you might expect a pirate or a farmer to have.
We over Pronounce our 'Rs' and 'Ls'. We stick 'Ls' on the end of most words that end in a vowel (e.g. idea becomes ideal). We don't pronounce 'hs' on front of words and we leave out syllables (e.g. remote control becomes mote control)
All in all it's a completely fickle dialect but "I loves it" and am proud to be Bristolian
 There is then a list of Bristol Dialect followed by the standard English version

Please go take a look at what the other ladies did Here
All in all I am very pleased with how this turned out in the end, so if Heritage is not quite your thing either, take a step back and look at the challenge again you never know what you might come up with!
 Toodle Pip X

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  1. I am totally in love with this layout! Brilliant take on the challenge and absolutely fantastic design, as always!


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