Sunday, 18 August 2013

CSI 85 - Solved

Wow this year is going pretty fast, I wish it would slow down a little. . .
Another case file and it's another fab one! and that means another chapter in Tracee & Debbi's Excellent Adventures 
I do hope you're not getting bored yet!

Here is case file 85
And here is how I solved the case

This story had us in complete fits of laughter for ages . . .read below
and also take a look at Debbi's take it's hilariously brilliant


Labels/Tags - Behind photo
Numbers - numbered list
Something Clear - 
I stitched acetate onto the jar and was going to fill it with the stars but ended up just gluing them on the top of the acetate
Frame - Smile Polaroid frame over picture
Decorative borders - I cut a speech bubble border from acetate on my Cameo
Something transparent


My journaling reads

1. Put on glasses
2. Put on glasses
3. Walk around all day like this
4. Not notice that you are wearing both pairs at once
5. Almost pee your pants with laughter at the photographic evidence

This was the day Debbi, Farzad and I went on a stroll around Downtown Fredrick. We wandered around for a few hours snapping pictures.
Each day after we had been out I downloaded the photo's onto Debbi's computer. Whilst looking through them that night I spotted the "extra" pair of glasses that Debbi had been wearing all day long on top of her head, well when we spotted it we just about exploded with laughter.

I put a little spin on my title so that is reads Silly gl'ass'es. Debbi is such a goober that's why we get on so well, we are a pair of goobers!!!
Toodle pip x

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  1. Love this layout lady... you two must have had a whale of a time. I am going to be sad when the layouts stop coming. You have such a unique and fun style. So love seeing your layouts in the gallery.


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