Sunday, 18 April 2010

Been busy busy busy

Unfortunately not crafting!!
been clearing out the log cabin in the garden in preperation for my "baby boy"(he's almost 21 lol) who will be coming home for a few months before going to uni.
I never realised just how much trash there was in there or indeed how the heck it all fitted in!
I experienced the pleasures of freecycle and lord some people are cheeky, I listed some cross stitch items at 7.51pm and by 8.25pm they were gone from the house! anther person who came was obviously going to sell the stuff! Still at least it wasn't going to the tip which was my whole aim.
We are going on holiday on friday/saturday so I need to get my bag all sorted so i can spend the week walking the dogs and scrapping ahhhhhhhhhhh bliss x
toodle pip x


  1. Oh No, you mean they come back?!!LOL. have fun cleaning, and a wonderful holiday XXX

  2. Oh yes they are both back at the mo!!!


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