Friday, 26 April 2013

CSI case file 68 - Solved

A delightful case this week, love the inspiration pic!
Here is how I solved the case
For my Evidence

Polka Dots
Pen work

For my Testimony
Add scallops to your journaling spot
Write a poem

My girls get up to all sorts of silly antics when they are together and I wrote a little poem about one of them it goes like this

We saw a video on you tube
And thought we can do that
Crush a can with our boob

A little padding was required by one
But with brasiers stuffed we could get the job done
With a giggle, a snort and a cheeky grin
We aimed our boobs right at the tin

Crash Bang POW, just like that
The can was crushed 
Holy Cow!!
It was flat

We held up our cans and waved them like sticks
Another one for our bag of party tricks

And so that is how
We did discover
We are in fact
Boob Can Crushers

A couple more close ups

I cut lots of bits n pieces on my cameo, I'm beginning to wonder how I coped without one lol
 I did some stamping and cut them into little flags
I love adding a layer of vellum to lift the papers

I had so much fun with this weeks case file
Hope you enjoy looking
Toodle Pip x


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