Saturday, 29 June 2013

CSI case file 78 - solved

This week I got to scrap my page right here at Debbi's house, how lucky am I?

This was the case file
And here is how I solved the case

Did you notice I got be Visiting detective this week!!!

For my testimony I used the he said she said prompt
For my evidence
Travel accent(geo tag)
Something glossy(the 100% label)

In case you were wondering there is a little story to this layout. We went for breakfast and I ordered a pot of tea. It came with this lovely doily. Debbi asked the waiter if she could have a doily too (for scrapbooking purposes, of course). He brought two of them. We kept looking at these pretty lacy doilies. We wanted to ask for more but chickened out, so Debbi asked him who made them. Brooklace was the answer (Debbi and I ordered 100 from a party company to split). Anyway, we were outside the restaurant taking pictures and decided we needed to get a picture of those doilies. I am the Queen of Silly Pictures, so this is the result.

Toodle Pip x


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