Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I am in Print!!

Was comissioned to do some work for our UK scrapbook magazine.
This month there I am, I am so pleased for me! lol
Here is me in all my glory (well have to plug this it may be my 15 minutes of fame lmao)
                                                        Toodle Pip xxx


  1. Whooo validation that you can Scrap something amazing...lol. but then it didn't take a magazine to tell us that...did it? Awesome those pages look even more splendid in a magazine. Congratulations!!!!! I bet Star was excited to see herself in a magazine almost as much as Leon... he he he

  2. Excellent! And about time too you talented lady! How many times have I told you you've got something special? Perhaps you'll start believing me now... xxx

  3. brilliant news. any tips for budding scrapbookers on getting into print?
    jo xxx

  4. Congrats on feature, tks for leaving lovely comment on my blog, regarding gift baskets you can get them from candigifts.com but I have also seen a white cup/saucer in The Range being sold as a planter if you are interested, any questions feel free to ask, take care x.

  5. Congrats on being published :) Lovely layout xx

  6. You go, Girl! That's an awesome page. So wonderful to see your name in lights!


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