Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I have just been reading a blog post about "your place in the scrapping world/Validation" and it got me to thinking since I started scrapping have my reasons for creating changed? Yes I would love to be published (actually a little suprise there maybe 'Watch this space,!) Yes I would love to be a name associated with an inspirational scrapper title Yes,I would love to be on some of the big design teams and get to work with lovely product from my fave manufacturers Are these the reasons I scrap NO. I scrap because it takes me into a world where everything is beautiful and none of the humdrum rubbish is included. I scrap beacause some memories are just to precious to allow me and those who follow me to forget. I scrap because this wonderful hobby has led me to make friends , real friends. If some of the other bits happen along my journey then that's a bonus
I scrap beacuase of  THIS
Validation 100%

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  1. Hi Tracee, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my blog :) I will definitely answer your questions in next week's Q & A post :) Wanting validation is NORMAL, we all LOVE getting comments on our blogs or up in galleries & if we can scrap (for ourselves) & have others follow us "more" because they recognise our names from a well-known sketch blog or whatever, then all the better. More scrappy/bloggy friends & everyone is happy :) For some reason we feel "guilty" wanting to be more popular but secretly we all do, that's why I got 30 comments from people just like you - 'cos we're all the same! You have 100% the right idea - do what you do 'cos you love to do it - apply for Dts, etc along the way, just have the "right" attitude (that's the hard part) so that if you are dealt some blows along the way you aren't crushed - 'cos sometimes that can take the fun out of it!

  2. Hey Tracee, very interesting subject.

    For me scrapbooking is about the memory's for future generations and having the opportunity to be creative as well. Do I scrap to be recongnised? Not on your life.

    After having a serious health scare it has reinforced in my mind the importance in documenting your life and moments that have occurred. Whilst I don't oppose fixing photos with photo editing programs I certainly do oppose making your children look flawless and sexualising them. So what point am I trying to make, I suppose its not only the same names that you see all the time being selected for DT places but also these sort of photos. It seems that what ever these DT members do it leads other to follow that I am starting to see more people forget why they started the craft in the first place. I see lots of pretty and arty pages but that is all. How many DT members kids do you see that are standing in front of the same tree posed, or a heading that literally have no relevance to the photo? How many times can you use the word Adore or beautiful on your pages. Or photos that are that tiny you can't even see what it is. Titles that say digging in the sand pit but the photo just show a perfect shot of a face or the same photo that has had the outfit photo shoppped to suit the colour of the page. If this is what it means to be on a design team well they can keep it for themselves. This is not the sort of validation I want, I would like validation because I have used normal photos even if their is a load of washing in the background or the outfit wasn't exactly what I would have liked them to have I the only person in the world that feels this way, if so I am good with that as well. The only validation like you Tracee is that when my kids look at my pages whether now or later down the track they will see the real them, not the impaired photo shopped version. So keep up the great job on your clean style of scrapbooking, whilst as you know it is not my style it is certainly yours and I love it for that reason. Our styles will always evolve but stay true to what you like.

    I have also been published once, many moons ago when I once sent a page in. I must admit I cannot be bothered sending my pages in either I am a bit lazy like

    Just my view xox

  3. Love your post, Tracee. I have been lucky to have been picked up several times by several magazines, and it is a thrill to see your page in print. And I'm also on a few design teams, but I do that for fun. They keep my mojo going and push me to improve my scrappy skills. But the main reason I scrap is to document all the little things that make up my life and history. I have no children, but I imagine when my husband and I are old and gray, we'll sit on the front porch and leaf through the scrapbooks and reminisce. Story is so important to me. I must say, the few times I scrapped just for the "art" and not for the story, I felt like a total fraud. I'm not condemning those who do scrap just for art's sake, but for me, it's getting the stories and memories on a page that's the most important. Love the shot of your validation you posted! :)


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