Friday, 1 November 2013

A little bit from Halloween

Whilst we don't celebrate Halloween in a big way over here all the kids love to dress up and go trick or treating.
Each year my Granddaughter and her friend come a knocking on my door and as they are "special" they get an extra special treat bag. This year Star's friends little sister was able to join in so of course I had to make a special treat bag for her too. 
Bo Bunny have released some cute Kraft bags, so I decorated one of the chevron ones and I think it looks rather cute

For the older 2 girls I decorated some plain Kraft bags that I bought at the £1 shop
I used almost the same design for these and I like the look of them too
For the other trick or treaters there was this basket of candy complete with eyeball lollipops
I don't usually dress up for the occasion but Star had got ready at my house and she had a little of the white face paint left, so I got creative in the few minutes I had and I looked like this when she knocked on the door
She told her Mum the next day that Nanny had made her night by dressing up, awww she is such a sweetie 
Sorry for the long post, hope you all had a great Halloween
Toodle Pip x

Supplies Used:
White cardstock
Black cardstock
Kraft bags £1 shop

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  1. Love the gift bags did a great job with these! the look rather spooky indeed! ;-)


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